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SPA302D - ringtone volume low


Hello ,

right now we are  running in our private home two SPA302D together with one SPA525G. (one phone per floor)
Phones are working great so far!
But there is one major flaw that is ruining a bit the whole setup.
Ringtone volume of the SPA302 D's is by far too low , even if put on max (5).
If you close the door where the phone stands and you are chatting with people in another room or watching tv on the SAME floor, there is a great chance to miss the call because you simple don't hear the phone ringing. (Tried with the 5 different rigtones)
Rintone volume adjustment of the SPA525G is much better.

Right now we would need at least 2 other phones in the current setup only to be able to hear them correctly trough the entire home.
This is very annoying for an otherwise such great product....
I've come across other people on the net  reporting about the  volume problem not being loud enough
(   )

Is there any change to get additional ringtone volume values in a future firmware ?

Thanks for helping me out


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Dan Lukes

If you have support contact, you may try to call SMB Support. But you should not put so much hope on it.


This forum is not monitored by Cisco's technicians, so you are out of luck with your request here.


"This forum is not monitored by Cisco's technicians, so you are out of luck with your request here"

Thank you . I was not aware of this.

It may be difficult for an end customer to contact SMB support directly but I will give it a try.


As long as you can speak English it should be rather easy. But as I claimed above - don't put so much hope on it.

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