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SPA3102 Firmware 5.1.10 Disconnect Tone Detection is Broken (Tested & Confirmed)


To Cisco,

Few days ago I asked the question below:

I appreciate the quick respond from Dave but I have received no further follow up so I conducted my own test over the past week end and figured out that the Disconnect Tone detection of SPA3102 firmware 5.1.10(GW) is completely broken.

I have changing the parameters below around and tested every possible combinations and the result is still failed:

PSTN Disconnect Detection

Detect CPC: yes & no
Detect Polarity Reversal: yes & no
Min CPC Duration: 0.09, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5
Detect Disconnect Tone: yes
Disconnect Tone: 480@-10 to -30,620@-10 to -30;2(.5/.5/1+2)

then I use the softphone to record the disconnect tone into a .wav file and use Audacity to analyze the spectrum and confirmed the 2 frequencies peak of the PSTN Disconnect Tone from my PSTN side are in fact 468Hz and 615Hz, they're only 2.5% and 0.8%, respectively, off the defined frequencies in the ToneScript and should be well within tolerance of detection.  I really don't know why the SPA3102 cannot detect it correctly.

I was about to give up but Google again and found someone mentioned the Disconnect Tone detection to a PBX box can only be fixed by downgrade the SPA3102 firmware. I have 3.3.6(GW) and 5.1.7(GW) on hand and I am not connected to a PBX but anyway I give it a try...

Bingo!  I hit the Jackpot! 

Now I use:

Disconnect Tone: 480@-19,620@-19;2(.5/.5/1+2)

and restored all the above parameters to their default values.  SPA3102 can detect the disconnection instantly without any delay after the firmware downgrade.  Tried both version all works.

Cisco people, may I have your attention to report this to your engineering team and look into this problem of the current firmware?

Thank you!

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Alberto Montilla
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Dear Sir;

Many thanks for your testing and report. I'm escalating this right away to our engineering team.


Thanks for the acknowledgement.

Please take note that failure on disconnect tone detection may only experienced with some TelCo network, I have no idea what kind of equipment my TelCo use but I know it will failed on Panasonic PBX.  If you need my recorded disconnect tone wave file for testing please get it from the attachment.

Hi Alberto,

Would this be fixed in the up coming firmware release?


paul@ wrote:

I have setup AsteriskNOW/FreePBX which isn't as easy as one might think but after a week or so I have it running but it would not hang up.  I have been looking high and low and could not find the answer until I came accross your post tonight. .

I have also confirmed what you have.  I downgraded to 5.1.7(GW) and the problem resolved immediately.  Now I can switch over to my Asterisk/FreePBX.

Thanks again!

Thanks Paul for the confirmation of this problem with you setup. Let me quote your complete message before it get deleted... :)

I am sorry you also experienced the same troubles, but "glad" to hear fault can be duplicated in other environment so that Cisco will look into it.

Would this be fixed in the upcoming firmware updates?

Mr. nseto would you please advice if issue in this thread will be fixed in the upcoming firmware, this is the 3rd time I asked.... thank you!

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