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SPA3102 Line 1 Gateway Accounts

Level 1
Level 1

Am I correct that Line 1 Tab GW1-4 Password fileds are not use for logon the gateways while GW1-4 being specified in User 1 Tab "Call Forward Settings" ?  For example if I set, "Cfwd All Dest: 1000@gw1" I found only "SIP/2.0 302 Moved Temporarily" was being send to the calling party with the new "Contact:" info, SPA3102 would not make the redirect request on behalf of the caller, so what is the purpose for setting the Password Fields in Line 1 Gateway Accounts?

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Alberto Montilla
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Dear Sir;

Can you please specify what would you like to accomplish? Not sure I understand what the issue is


I would like to know:

1) Is this a normal behavior of SPA3102 User 1 Tab forward function to issue
"302 Moved Temporarily" to the caller or I have a miss configuration?

2) What I would like to accomplish is forward incoming Line 1 "no
answer" or "busy" calls to extensions in an Asterisk box which is just
sit next to the SPA3102 on the same LAN. There are problems below If SPA3102 issue
"302 Moved Temporarily" instead of make the forwarded call on behalf
of the caller:

a) firewall need open ports for Asterisk box because the caller need
establish direct connection to Asterisk

b) I found most of the softphone don't know how to handle SIP 302 and
just hangup. For example even the most popular X-lite cannot handle
SIP 302.

If SPA3102 can handle the redirect call directly then all the
mentioned problems will be resolved.  Also, what is the purpose for
Gateway Accounts to have a password field if the ATA won't make use of
it for gateway login? So I hope this is just some sort of
configuration errors in my side and I need your advice on this,

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