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SPA400 + SPA9000 + SPA501G

Level 1
Level 1

Hi, I have installed SPA400 + SPA9000 + SPA501G but I have this issues:

- The IP Phone SPA501G is not discovered by the wizard (I have checked the option 66 in the DHCP and more, but every thing is fine), then I had to do the configuration manually. Is working fine to make and receive calls, but is not able to communicate with mailbox in SPA 400.  Initially, the mail indicator was turned off, but once I configured it in the Web access for the IP Phone, is always in red, but is still unable to get communication with it.

- When the call is not answered, is redirected to the mailbox, then, the phone stops ringing and the caller is still receiving the ring tone, until the call is droped. The answer machine is never attending.

- The Caller ID is not working. I have checked in SPA400 the North America caller id method and DCCurrentLimiting is turned Off.

What to do?

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Level 6
Level 6

The wizard should have configured this.  Did you factory reset the phone?

Barring that, the parameters on the phone, spa9000 and spa400 need to be setup for vm to work.   On the phone, you need the 'Voice Mail Number', 'Voice Mail Server' and 'Mailbox ID' setup.  This would need to line up with the settings in the spa400 that would have the phone assigned to a slot in it. 

If you have another spa phone that has vm working, you would be able to compare this information.  Otherwise, I'd try factory reset of the phone as that's the easiest way to configure.