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SPA50x cannot reset or provision used phones

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Level 1

Hi there,

I purchased some used SPA50x off of eBay and am unable to get them to do anything other than display Downloading

When plugged in they do the usual Initialize Network and then display Downloading of the following files


Using my DHCP server and Option 150 I have managed to get them pointing to a TFTP server on my network. Looking at the TFTP log I can confirm the phones are trying to grab those files. I have attempted to enter various configuration items into those files but have not been successful.

In reading these forums I have seen that the phone should look for those files and then fall back to looking for spa508G.cfg if they can't find them. In my case this is not happening, the phone requests those files over and over again.

When I visit the phone website I don't see the normal options for User Login, Admin Login. I can also see that the Call Control Protocol is set to SCCP.

I verified there is no connectivity issues with the phone as I successfully did a firmware to 7.6.2 with no issues.

Is there any way to do a hard reset on the phones? We have several dozen existing SPA504G and I'm quite happy with them so I'd really like to get this new batch up and running. It would be a huge waste if they can't be salvaged somehow.



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Dan Lukes
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Reset them to factory default before any further attempt to configure.


  1. phone administrator can disable further access to reset-to-factory-default feature.
  2. there are RC/OEM kind of units sold by Cisco, pre-configured for particular operator - those devices may have various configuration values irreversibly locked - it may include even SCCP mode

Can you take screenshot of root page of phone's WWW UI ?

Can you take screenshot of root page of phone's WWW UI ?

Forget it. The customization status is not shown here in SPCP mode.

OK. I verified that Factory Reset should be last item in menu:

Have you such item in menu ? Use it. Let's me know otherwise (but there will be little chance we can take control over those phones then).