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SPA525g VPN Codec problem



I have set up SPA525g2 phone connection through VPN to my FreeSwitch. I can make first outbound call to any extension and it is ok, but second outbound call can't be done. I saw in FreeSwitch log that the during first call phone offering PCMA codec but in the second call it  is offering only PCMU. If i disable PCMU in phone config i stop receiving any info in FreeSwitch log about second call (first call is always ok). Inbound calls to this phone all is ok. If i connect it to network without VPN outbound call are ok. So the bug is only though VPN connection. What i can do to fix it?
Firmware is 7.5.7

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Dan Lukes
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

It's somewhat unclear description. Two calls originated at the same time ? Or second initiated after the first has ended ? 

Well. Can you just capture the SIP packets between phone and FreeSwitch and attach the capture file here ?

Also phone's syslog&debug messages are valuable source of information ...




Two call going one after another.

here you can find my SPA525 configuration and FreeSwitch Log capture.


I see no Freeswitch responses to SIP request. Also, syslog with no debug turned on (or debug messages filtered by syslogd server) lack important information here.

With neither bidirectional SIP captured nor debug messages shown it's hard to give valuable proposal. So just a generic one only.


Make the configuration of phone as simple as possible - one Extension configured only. All other extensions disabled. No alternate proxy configured at all, ...

Try it. If it will work, then slowly add other features - next extension, alternate proxy and so on ...

It may help you/us to narrow the issue cause.


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