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SPA525G2 - Wireless range of 802.11g?

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Level 1

Hi All

Have a teleworker with a SPA525G2 that is connected wirelessly with SSL-VPN that is experiencing choppy voice calls.  The phone has 2 or 3 bars of signal out of 4 when the choppy voice is experienced. 

We determined that the computers are connecting over 802.11n and they operate fine, but since the phone only supports 802.11g the signal isn't as reliable (Phone works fine if you are very close to the WAP). 

Changing to G729 codec didn't make any difference.   Any suggestions?  We are considering trying a Wireless-N Bridge WBPN but that sort of defeats the all-in-one benefit of the SPA525G2.   Also find it odd that the voice quality would suffer on 2-3 wireless bars so I'm wondering if others have experienced this. 

Thanks for any ideas!

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

as you know, wireless is very tricky, depends on lots of factors.

you better check these,

- access point uses WMM enabled? on the same AP, use PC together?

- SSL VPN use DTLS in vpn server?

- check the phone firmware, upgrade to the latest 7.5.3

Thanks so much for your helpful information.

Yes WMM is enabled and firmware is at 7.5.3.   Also tried a different AP.  Was unaware of the DTLS option but have since enabled it. 

There were no improvements in quality with the above, but after purchasing a WBPN 802.11n adapter, call quality has greatly improved and is about 99% perfect.   It's unfortunate 802.11n is not included in the phone, but the adapter is nice in that it can be hidden inside the footstand of the phone. 

good to hear that n-WiFi dongle works for you. yes, it is well desgined and enogh small to hide behind the phone stand and easy to handle.


DTLS use UDP instead of TCP for SSL VPN to improve the voice quality.