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SPA8000 in UK - no dial tone, nothing - special cables?

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I am not a VOIP expert, but I have set up a couple of VOIP system using SPA9000s and SPA941/SPA942 phones - all went well.

However, I am now connecting some legacy stuff to a VOIP network and am trying to setup a SPA8000. I have configured my VOIP accounts with my provider, and I can see that the unit has "registered" etc. so that side looks good.

However, when i plug an analogue phone into one of the FX ports on the rear of the unit it is dead.

I have set up a port to use a "trunk" and another FX port so directly register (again VOIP provider reports unit has registered), but again analogue phone is dead, no dial tone, SPA8000 does not report "off hook" etc.

I have a test analogue phone that I have removed the RJ11 to UK style phone socket lead and replaced with an RJ11 <--> RJ11 lead that I have lying around (probably left over from some previous modem installs) - are these the correct cables?

Does what I report make sense? I know hone is good as I replace the RJ11 <-> RJ11 lead with the RJ11 to UK style phone plug connector and phones work fine.

I have tried several leads, but they are all probably left overs from ADSL or old analogue modem installs that were not needed.

Any clues on what I am misunderstanding?

Many thanks


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In UK, a UK specific wall socket is used, not an RJ11. Make sure that you are only using two-wire phones.