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Spa8800 and Spa8000 Setup


They arrive in the SPA8800, four analogue channels and are connected in line and equipment at the other end got a SPA8000 connected to conventional telephone set. I need to configure the equipment so that I can receive and make calls from the telephone devices that are in the SPA8000.
How to proceed? Any suggestions?

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Daniele Giordano

You must configure SPA8000 to sent SIP requests to IP ADDRESS of SPA8800 and vice versa. You must configure fields like showed in images below.

SPA 8000:

SPA 8800:

For more info about Dial Plan use this link:

Best Regards.

The settings have helped me a lot, I managed to set some parameters, from now on, thanks.
I'm located in Brazil and would like to configure the Dial Plan so that:
By removing the handset already has permission to dial any number, which is the default location be it in xxxx xxxx standard intercity x xx xx xxxx xxxx or the dialing pattern to be charged xx xx xxxx xxxx or xx xx xx xxxx xxxx . It could be kind enough to help me, I could not fully understand the document that referred me.

Original Text:

"As configurações muito me ajudaram, já consegui ajustar alguns parâmetros, desde já, obrigado.

Estou localizado no Brasil e gostaria de configurar o Dial Plan de forma que:

Ao retirar o telefone do gancho já tenha permissão pra discar para qualquer número, seja ele no padrão local xxxx xxxx seja ele no padrão interurbano x xx xx xxxx xxxx ou ainda no padrão de discagem a cobrar xx xx xxxx xxxx ou xx xx xx xxxx xxxx. Poderia fazer a gentileza de me ajudar, não consegui compreender perfeitamente o documento que me indicou."

I hope I have understood your request.

Suppose that SPA8800 is configured with User ID 101 while SPA8000 is configured with User ID 100.

Scenario for incoming calls:

PSTN LINE => FXO SPA8800 (UserID 101) => IP NETWORK => SPA8000 FXS (UserID 100) => telephone

All incoming calls to SPA8800 must be routed to SPA8000, so SPA8800 must send a SIP INVITE to User ID 100.
Dial Plan 1 of SPA8800 must be <:100>. or (<:100@IP_ADDRESS_SPA8000>S0)
The above implements an Hot line wich automatically routes all inbound calls to extension 100.

Scenario for outgoing calls:

telephone => SPA8000 FXS (UserID 100) => IP NETWORK => SPA8800 FXO (UserID 101) => PSTN LINE

All outgoing calls are managed by SPA8000 and must be routed to SPA8800 User ID 101. So SPA8000 must prepend the prefix 101.
Dial Plan of SPA8000 must be (xx.|<:101>xx.)

SPA 8800 must use a different Dial-Plan for incoming voip calls.

Excellent, very good, you helped me a lot.
I can now receive calls normally just could not make calls, whenever I begin to dial already gives a busy tone.
The local dialing pattern is 1234-5678.

<< SPA8000 >>


<< SPA8800 >>


Another detail is that I can only receive the first call, then it does not disconnect, and when I try to get the next nothing happens, the indicator blinks, saying it is in use

Your SPA 8000 dial plan is wrong. you must add the "dot" after double X.

Your DP is: (xx|<:101>xx)

The above means that the SPA accepts only 2 digits numbers.

Try this: (xx.|<:101>xx.)

The xx. means that SPA accepts variable lenght numbers with at least 2 digits.

I added the correct setting and I can dial, but always gives a busy tone when you finish dialing.
I note that when you dial the LED indicator flashes SPA8000 SPA8800 but does nothing. I think that when you dial the SPA8000 is not forwarding to the SPA8800.
Another detail that I wonder about is Call Progress Tones, I have to leave default or change, by being in Brazil?

Can you export SPA8000 and SPA8800 logs?

Same way for SPA8800.

Ok, I'm doing some tests and then I come in contact.

Thank you for helping me.

I'm keeping contact with the support of Cisco to resolve the problem. So far we have not had much success.
Have you seen these devices working together? If you need any information, you can send, structure diagram, configurations, etc ...

If you post logs of SPA I'll try to help you.

Hello, good morning.
After working hard trying to set up the equipment did not get anywhere. I would like tomake a step by step to arrive at an integrated solution.
First I would like to configure the SPA8800 to the PSTN line and get with a conventionaltelephone handset, making and receiving calls. This is not happening when the machineis turned into energy, but if I turn it off, I can both receive and make calls. That is, theSPA8800 configuration problem.
I would like to return the default settings and start from scratch.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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