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SPA942's with display issues

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Level 1

I've got 3 recently acquired SPA942s which have started doing strange things with their displays.

Two of them, from different retailers, have started to flip the display horizontally and vertically. I've attached a picture of this.

The third phone is apparently shifting the top bar (with the time, etc) down occasionally, until it disappears off the bottom. I haven't seen this one personally, and I don't have any further details.

One of the inverting phones, and the, uh, sliding-off-the-bottom phone both came from one retailer, in the last month. The other inverting phone came from a different retailer a few months ago. The inverting phones started doing it within a day of each other, maybe two weeks ago. The other behavior started just last week.

The phones continue to operate normally, and resetting the power gets them back to normal for awhile. All three affected phones are on 6.1.5(a), and

their hardware version is 2.0.3(2837). I've got two SPA942s on 6.1.5(a) which are unaffected, they're hardware version 1.0.0(242c).

Some sort of work around would be swell; while it doesn't actually prevent the phones from being used, our employees find it distracting.

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April Fool's day came early? Are you sure you didn't Photoshop this just to mess with us?? Just kidding. This bug is just too funny. I will forward to the Product Manager immediately.


P.S. Your comment "employees find it distracting" made my day. No kidding!!!!

I have had 2 or 3 od these over the last couple of years - just send them back as DOA

Hi Jay;

Can you send me a private message with your email address? I would like to put you in contact with our escalation support


I, too, have an SPA-942 which occasionally flips it's display vertically. Is there a prescribed fix for this problem?

Hi Alberto,

i have an these issue too, and what i can do to fix it ?)

It's firmware bug. Despite the issue cause is known, you are out of luck.

Cisco considered not to supports their users in this community, so don't expect a response from a Cisco Employee.  Volunteers can't solve issues like this one.

You can contact official SMB support, but your chances are near to zero - SPA942 are claimed no longer supported and I'm pretty sure it's the only response you will receive.

Thank for your response, Dan )

After a reset to factory settings, phone displays correctly )