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Transfer on active call - second call comes in


Hi there,

I'm using the SPA504G (firmware 7.5.4) and having the following issue:

When on active call, softkeys conf and xfer are active. When a second call comes in, the display of the phone changes to "ringing" and softkeys xfer and conf are gone. Is there a setting that disables the display changing the softkeys and let only the leds blinking?

thank you in advance

kind regards,

Erik Dekkers

Jener Telecom

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Hi Erik,

What is the call agent that your SPA phone is connected to ? (UC500 / UC320 / CUCM)

If its a UC box then unfortunately you would not be able to achive it.

On the CCA:

Got to "Configure --> Telephony --> Phone Customization --> Templates"

Here you would have an overview of the templates that are already created and assigned to the phones. You should also be able to view the template assigned to the SPA504 phone.

Once there (not disturbing the existing setup) try creating a new Template using the "Add" button. You will notice the first field is "Alerting" but when you click on the field you just have 3 options to choose from. Which do not have "Endcall, Trnsfr, Hold"

If you compare that to "Connected" state you have multiple options to choose from which include the softkeys you are looking for.

This is by design and cannot be modified as per what we need here.

On the CLI:

UC_560(config)#ephone-template 20

UC_560(config-ephone-template)#softkeys ?

       alerting       Softkey order for alerting (ring out) state

       connected      Softkey order for connected state

       hold           Softkey order for HOLD state

       idle           Softkey order for IDLE state

       remote-in-use  Softkey order for REMOTE-IN-USE state

       ringing        Softkey order for ringing state

       seized         Softkey order for seized state

UC_560(config-ephone-template)#softkeys alerting ?

       Acct      Account Code

       CallBack  Call back

       Endcall   End call

This is a design limitation on the UC systems, however on the full blown Call Manager you should have more options to tweak and match your configuration.

Hope this helps !

Yash Joshi

CCIE Voice # 31109

Regards Yash Joshi CCIE Voice # 31109


Thank you for your fast reply!

I'm using the SPA504G in a pure SIP environment (hosted solution). I've looked under the softkey configuration and the Cisco documentation is very clear in this. By design this isn't possible.

I've told the customer first put the active call on hold so the second call can be answered.

Hopefully Cisco will create and option that would just blink the LED and not changing the display

anyway, thank you very much for your information!!

kind regards

Erik Dekkers


Best way to go about this is to contact your local Cisco Rep or the Accounts Team and file a feature request. Will all the new firmwares coming out they might be able to file a business case and have that feature included in the next release.

Cheers !

Yash Joshi
CCIE Voice # 31109

Regards Yash Joshi CCIE Voice # 31109

I will do that!

thank you



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