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UC300 as Stand alone phone system

Todd Willoughby

Quick question. I have a client who already has an existing network in place with Meraki firewalls and Cisco switches as well as Meraki WAPS. They are looking at getting into a IP phone system and I have come across these 300 series from cisco. Since we do not need switching or routing functionality on the network are these systems able to be used as stand alone phone systems? Customer has 4 analog phone lines and maybe 5 office phones.            

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Hi Todd,

Yes, UC320W can be used as stand alone phone system. You will have the option "UC320W routes voice only" to choose in the configure utility.

Best regards,


The UC320 will *not* run as an Appliance as you might expect that. And it's use is quite restricted:

- The SIP-Trunk only runns on the WAN-Port, Phones only on the LAN ports

- No PoE on the four switchports

- No wireless phones, no remote phones

- No integration into a central directory.

- The Voice-VLan hast to be vlan 100


Have you read through the other discussions in this forum? Better do that, there are not so many users that are still comfortable with that device.

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Hi Todd;

Want to add some color to the information provided above. We have a healthy run rate of customers and partners purchasing UC320 on a month by month basis, so I would disagree with some of the comments made by Karsten.

In appliance mode, you still need to connect the WAN port to VLAN aware router, and the UC320 will still manage the phones behavior. In the documentation section of this forum, you will find the Greyfield deployment model that guides you on the connectivity requirements.




Do you have a link to this deployment model. The switching on the network is being done by a Cisco 300 series PoE switch. We were just goingt o run the UC320 device into the switch as well as the phone and put everything on the approiate voice vlan.


The link is below:

Under Application Notes section, go to 'Deploying in the existing Small Business Network'.

Paul Williamson

Morning Todd,

There is some frustration from users of the UC300 series because of limitations of the system.  This is made worse by the fact that a lot of those features are available but locked; for example, I had a box unlocked for a while and during this time I was able to edit the dial plans directly, this allowed me to make calls over my ITSP's network to other users on the same network free of charge.  I had been told this wasn't possible, but it was if the box was unlocked.  That's why, in my opinion you do see some frustration on this forum.  I certainly believe that these restrictions are enforced from much higher up the Cisco chain because the guys who respond on this forum all seem pretty passionate about the platform.

I bought one of these units for a branch office, but sadly it just didn't fit the bill so it's now in use at my home and there it makes a great phone system which I'm happy with.  I'd be happier if it had more of the features you see requested on this forum over and over again, but over all it is a good system.

I did have some problems with the first box, but Cisco pulled out all the stops to make sure that the issues were resolved including a high priority RMA so you certainly cannot fault the service and backup that Cisco provide. 

If you don't need remote users or wifi phones (and to be fair, you can plug a dect base station into the FXS port to workround this) or specific dial plans that are not currently supported then I would recommend this system, it's a breeze to configure and simple for users to operate with the added benefit of Cisco support.



Paul, thanks for the reply. This install is going to be a very simple implemnetation. No bells and wistles really. Client just has 4 analog phone lines one of which is a fax machine and 4 office phones. They really just need to be able to place folks on hold and transfer calls and voicemail ect ect. My worry was using this UC 320 in appliance mode only and slipping it into a already exisiting network. This dosent seem to be an issue from what I have read and by looking at the .PDF from the link above this should be very straight forward.

Hi Todd,

I think it should be pretty perfect for what you want although remember if you plug a fax machine in to the fxs port you will not be able to use cordless phones unless you add a SPA8800.  If your client doesn't need cordless handsets it should work for them very well.

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