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UC320 and DID numbers


Sorry if this has been asked before but...

Will the 320 support DID numbers?

If yes where do I input the settings for this?

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Christopher Edgeworth
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor


I assume this is in perspective of SIP trunks...  Today we support inbound DID routing on the Inbound Calls page:

(click to enlarge)

In the upcoming release coming later this summer we will support outbound DID numbers for SIP trunks.



this will work also if my sip provider give me a VoIP native GNR ?

thank you for your work

Hi Roberto,

I'm not sure what a GNR number is.  Outbound DID numbers can be configured on the Inbound Calls page by adding a new route for each DID you want to use.  When the target makes an outbound call, the DID will be used if configured.  (Click to enlarge)

Hope this helps.


Jack Germanos

How many DID numbers can you map for outbound Caller ID?

I ran into a problem with a 14 user system I could only get 10 number of a 100# range to map and represent the correct caller ID does the system have a capacity limit per amount of users?

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Hi Jack,

How many DID numbers depend on how many DID numbers you get from your SIP service provider. If you get 10 DID numbers from service provider but you have 14 users, you can configure some DID numbers route to a group instead of the individual private extension. So that any extension which is the member of the group can be mapped to the DID when making outbound calls.

Hope it helps.

Best regards,


Hi Jack,

As you can see from the graphic posted above, you need a inbound route for each DID you want to use for outbound calls.  It is this screen that associates the DID with the extension number.  If multiple DIDs point to a common extension the system won't be deterministic in which DID to use for outbound calls.  So if you need to use lots of DIDs for outbound calls, you will want to use 'Additional Extension' buttons to give you additional extensions to associate with your additional DIDs.  To summarize the number of DIDs used for outbound calls is based upon the number of provisioned extension buttons.

Hope this helps.


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