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UC320 and forward to external numbers


I've done some research but not coming up w/ a complete answer.

I have someone interested in a UC320.  They don't need remote phones, they really have pretty simple needs.  They will be using a SIP trunk to save on phone bills, that is one big need. 

One need they do have, is that they'd like the receptionist to have an ability to transfer incoming calls to an external number.  Basically, if a client calls, they'd like to be able to transfer the call to a carpenter's cell phone #.  They are thinking it would be nice to have a side-car with the cell phone #'s of about 10 of their carpenters and supervisors on it, and just transfer calls to these people as needed.  These supervisors and carpenters would not have internal phones, they'd just like to use their cell phones for all work.

Can that be done?

If yes, can the auto-attendant also transfer calls to external numbers?  So someone calling over the weekend can get through to their carpenter or supervisor w/o having a receptionist present?

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Hi John,

Yes, both AA and receptionist can transfer the call to the external cell phone number. You can hook a sidecar to the receptionist's phone and configure the sidecar buttons as auto dial buttons to the carpenter's and supervisor's phone number.During the active call, receptionist just simply presses the auto dial button and the call will be transferred.

For AA, you don't need the sidecar and just define the different AA buttons to transfer the call to different capenters and supervisor at AA page in Configure Utility.

Hope it helps!

Best regards,

Wendy Yang

Thank you Wendy!

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