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UC320 Slowing Down Network Traffic

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My setup is as follows.

DSL Modem / Router > Netgear Prosafe Switch > Computers and Telephones

I have the UC320 set to voice only topology. It's WAN is plugged directly into the modem router and it's LAN is plugged into the switch.

We had this system working perfectly with our old 24 port HP switch. It would only work correctly when plugged into the dual personality port of the HP switch. If not, it would dramatically slow down network traffic.

We just upgraded to a netgear prosafe 48 port switch. We are running into the same issue with the UC320 slowing down all network traffic when plugged from it's LAN port into the switch.

Any suggestions? I would like to set it up on a VLAN but we have several telephones that share the same network cable as a computer. Setting that port to VLAN 100 would affect data?


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Level 4

I have seen this before -- you probably have a huge amount of traffic going in a nice circle through the network.

You *CANNOT* plug the UC320's WAN -and- LAN into the same network.

You have a few options:

1. Put the WAN in a DMZ port or on another subnet/VLAN coming off the modem/router.

2. Don't plug the LAN side into the switch -- use separate cabling.

3. Give the UC320 WAN it's own public IP address.

4. Don't connect the UC320 WAN to anything -- NOTE: NTP and SIP will not work in this scenario.