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UC320 with SPA8800. Analogue phone can't make calls.



Just installed an UC320W with SPA8800.

UC320W version 2.2.2 (1)

SPA8800 version 6.1.10 (GW003)

Everything works fine on UC320W itself. include that analogue phone which connected to FXS port on it.

But analogue phones connected to SPA8800 FXS ports can't call ANYWHERE (Internal extensions or external numbers). Phone just keeps playing a long breaking tone after we dial the numbers.

Inbound are ok. Other IP phones or external caller can call those Analogue phones.

Not always happen.

First time when I install. it happened on phones which connected to FXS 1 and 4. then did a factory reset. happened on all phonoes. Factory reset again.

only happened on FXS 2.

I am sure someone else has the same issue. but can't find any solutions online.


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Hi Kevin,

When the SPA8800 analogue phone is picked up to dial out, do you hear dialtone?

What is SPA 8800 Idle LED status of failing Analog Phone (Phone LED) - compared to working Analog phones ( On/ Off/ Blinking)?  What is SPA 8800 IN-Use LED status of failing Analog Phone  - compared to working Analog phones ( On/ Off/ Blinking)?

What is the UC320W's LAN IP address subnet? (192.168.10.x)   Voice VLAN subnet? (10.10.1.x)  The SPA8800 natively have a LAN DHCP server that uses subnet 192.168.0.x - so if your  UC320W has this IP address for Data or Voice VLAN, then the SPA8800 may have issues routing data/voice.

Best regards,


Hi Julio

Thanks for your reply.

Yes. we can hear dialtone.

I didn't check the LED status after we discovered issue. Will check it when I am back to customer's site next time.

UC320W is using default IPs for both Data and Voice.

Data (192.168.1.x)


SPA8800 has been assigned a IP that seems be fine.



We have the same problem. Did you have an issue ?


Hi Christophe,

Is SPA8800 registered to UC320W? What are UC320W voice and data subnet IP addresses? What is SPA8800 IP address? Do you hear dial tone at those analog phones? You can't dial out, can receive calls? Please provide more information.

Best regards,

Wendy Yang

Only dial out don't work.

after a factory reset and reconfigure all uc320 and now it's ok.

Jack Germanos

I had the same problem I run the following configuration

1 x UC320 (using FXS port of system)
2 x SPA8800 (using all 8 port)
Total of 8 Gigaset DECT handsets

Initially I connected 2 SPA8800 manually via MAC address and but I had issues with setup, TAC recommended to delete SPA8800 and then the let the UC320 detect them. Done this and 99% of my issues went away however I still have an issue with 1 unit as below

Only 1 of the DECT handsets give me an issue for outbound calling.. I hear dial tone then press "0" for line out then immediately get engaged signal.

Anyone have any idea?

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Hi Jack,

We had a bug about the SPA8800 with the similar issue. There is a PMF to fix it. Please send me an email at I will reply you with the PMF to try.

Best regards,


Hello Wenjin Yang,

I also have a problem on my customer with this system:


1 SPA8800

7 Voip Phones SPA512G

1 Voip Phone SPA 301

1 analog phone connected to builtin FXS port of UC320

4 analog phones connected to FXS ports of SPA8800

2 analog lines connected to builtin FXO of UC320

4 SIP accounts on UC320 (italian provider

I also have the problem described in your post, randomly majority of analog phones on SPA8800 doesn’t work for outbound calls.

Phones that can’t do outbound calls also can’t dial with spa512 on internal number 213 (spa512 can’t hear analog phone, but analog phone can hear spa512).

Randomly happens that one ot two analog phones can dial outside and dial with internal 213.

All analog phones works with other internal numbers.

I’ve tried to factory reset SPA8800, and wait for commissioning, but the problem remains.

Now I will try to factory reset UC320, and reprogram all features, but I also want to ask if you can send me the PMF to fix it. (I've just written you an email)

If you want to investigate I can send my configuration file.

Best regards,

Luca Bartolini

Hi Luca,

Email with PMF has been sent to you.

Best regards,


Thank you very much Wendy,

I've reset to factory the UC320, and reprogrammed manually everything. Then I've applied your PMF. Now it works like a charm, and my customer is finally satisfied.

I want also to submit you a very strange issue. In the new clean reprogrammed scenary I still have the problem with the internal number 203 (with spa512), assigned to user "Sonia": All analog phones cannot be listened when 203 receive their calls. For outbound calls il all ok.

for workaround, I've deleted internal 203, and user "Sonia", created a new internal 213 named "Admin 1", and now it works very well. I ask my customer to forget internal number 203.

How is possible there is a bug with a specific internal number? (or with that name) and only when call arrives from analog phone attached to SPA8800?

Hi Luca,

It's good to know that the issue has been resolved.

Regarding the extension 203, it may be not created correctly and conflicted with another extension. We are not aware of any bug with a specific number or name.

Best regards,


Hello, I know the UC320W isn't supported anymore but I am having this same issue. Can this file be emailed to me? Thanks.

Jack Germanos

PMF does not fix issue

Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPhone App

Hi Jack,

The PMF was supposed to fix the interdigit timer so that ananlog phone is able to dial the digits. Your issue seems to be different. Please contact small business support center at the phone number listed (Please pick the appropriate phone number in your region) in the link attached. One of our engineers should be able to assist you.

Best regards,


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