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UC320W AA invite stuck!


Hello all,

So I've installed a new UC320W at a client site, I must say I am new to this product, more used to UC500 products, but seems like it is a good product (or will be!)

Only problem right now is that during the test I had recorded an invite saying just "Hello" and set it as the welcoming message for the AA.

But now, this recording won't go away!!!

I changed the AA so the invite would be one of the pre-recorded messages (tried them all), went in the recording menu, deleted the message number 7, recorded over it, added a new message number 8, made the AA point to that new one, rebooted the UC320W, nothing can make it go away. I am stuck with the "Hello" invite, altough if I go in the recording manager with a phone, I can't find that recording, only the pre-recorded and the 2 news ones I've made (I listened to them all)...

So my guess is that it got corrupted at some point. What are my solutions at this point? Do I have to reset the system to it's default settings?

Doing a default reset isn't really bad right now as they are just starting to use the system, but I would be relunctant to do that if it was being used for a few months...

Please advise!

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


The UC320W allows the configuration and prompts including VM to be saved to a locally connected USB drive.

Upper right corner -> backup/restore -> Save full backup to USB key.

I'm not sure what steps were involved when recording/changing your prompts but you can reset your device and then record your prompts on do multiple backups to make sure the recordings are saved correctly.  You can also test restore function prior to installing at customer location.

You can also configure an automatic backup schedule -> Automatic Maintenace -> enable USB backup (and connect a USB drive).



Thank you, but that's exactly what I feared.

Having to reset the device right now isn't that bad, but I just feel that this is wrong to manage to corrupt the system just by recording an invite and then changing it to something else. All that, just by using the web interface.

It's not like I was trying to configure something through CLI and didn't know what I was doing...

Hopefully, those bugs will get fixed as patches are released!

Hi, I emailed you at for a backup of your UC320W configuration. Please look and reply for my cisco email if possible.



I sent you the file this morning but did a full factory reset afterwards as the client needed to have the system up and running as soon as possible.

It is working properly now, but still curious as to how it happened, and also if this can be avoided in future firmware releases.




I did receive your email with the attached backup file and I'm reviewing the AA prompt files.

Thanks for raising this issue and I will open a defect once I discoer the root cause or I'll reach out to you with additional questions.


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