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UC320W & remote use via VPN

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I'm looking at deploying a UC320W for our small business.   While we have just one office, we do have employees who travel, sometimes at a remote location for several weeks.

In reading this forum I see that remote worker use for the UC320W is expected in a future firmware release.   My question is this:

We have a VPN.    When I log into our network via VPN remotely, my connection appears to be inside the LAN.   If I wanted to use a Cisco IP phone (example SPA504G) on this same connection, wouldn't it work?   It would see the network as if it were a local connection, not as if it were trying to connect via the WAN.

I look forward to input and advice on this.

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Bump.   Someone on the Cisco team must know the answer to this.


I'm fairly certain that your scenario has never been tested with the UC320.  It is an interesting idea though. 

I do not think it would work, however, without the VPN connected directly to the UC320(which of isn't possible).  The UC320 would only be routing voice in the scenario you mention and would not have "knowledge" of the data VLAN.  So anything trying to register to the phone system from it's outside WAN port would be rejected.

I "think" the UC320W would see it as coming from the LAN, as I believe the that is how the VPN would make it appear.   But I'll admit I'm not certain.

This is a key issue with the UC320W.   Jumping to the UC540 isn't a likely choice for this PBX - too much $ for the small company.   If it won't, it will make me look at one of the small PBX alternatives.    Other than this issue, the UC320W looks ideal.


The UC320 doesn't have knowledge of the LAN in the scenario mentioned. When you have it set up with a router in front, you will usually have it set up to route voice only, and have it's outside interface set up with an inside IP of the LAN, but it thinks it's an outside IP address.  Anything coming in as phone registration on that interface will be blocked.


Remote phones and multi-site deployments of the UC320W are not currently supported.  Getting remote phones (teleworker) to work is not as simple as it sounds.  Some of the technolgy used in the UC320W doesn't work with with IPSec VPNs (namely IP multicast).  This requires some changes in the software to support IP unicast for the services and features to work.  UC500 series supports this today with the SPA525G phone.