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UC500 behind a SAGEM DSL router

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Level 1

I've got a UC520 that I want to configure the firewall & VPN and let the NAT in the SAGEM router.

How can I do it?

Do I have to connect the router directly (not via a switch) to the WAN port of the UC520?

Many Thx

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David Trad
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi Hakim,

I would strongly suggest that you put the Sagem in Bridge mode, plug it into the UC-500 and then set the dialer up in the UC-500 to authenticate the DSL service, this way you can use the UC-500 for all the NAT/PAT, Firewalls (ACLS) and Internet routing.

I find this way to much more easier to manage, the only downside is, if you cannot create a management interface back to the DSL modem, when there is an issue with the Internet it is harder to diagnose as you cannot log into the modem to see if there is a problem

OH How I wish Cisco would just release a HWIC DSL card for these units, life would be so much easier and less primitive



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