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UC500 should detect distinctive ring patterns on the FXO port.

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In Australia where line rental is expensive, it is common to have a 'Multiple Number' service, where the incoming ring patterns vary.  (So a call to number 1 might sound like brring...brring..., but a call to number 2 might sound like brinng...brr...brr). 

If it were on an FXS port, you'd be calling it distinctive ring, and talking about ring frequency and ring cadence - how the router generates these.

However, these parameters don't seem to apply to an FXO port where the router should detect these on a voice-port.

They should.  Please add it to the product roadmap.  Thanks.

PS.  If it didn't work out well to have 'sub ports' of a voice-port, then you could at least have something like a 'ring mask' where the FXO port only answers if the detected ring-pattern was found.  In that manner, you could electrically connect the same PSTN line to two FXO ports (although only one FXO port would ever seize the line), thus making your IOS development simpler, and selling more FXO ports ... although in practice, people with this setup won't be using more than 4 PSTN ports anyhow, in the main.

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I have attempted to set this up as we can do this same setup in Canada as well.  Reported about 4 months ago.



David, you are correct. This type of ring pattern detection is not supported on our FXO ports, with the only exception of Fax detect, but even that is not a ringing detection since it takes place after the call has been connected (and it requires a TCL script). Maybe our SPA ATA's do have this feature. I will ask the Product Manager and will update this thread.



Sooo ... what did the product manager say?

Marcos, did the product manager get back to you yet?

David Trad
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VIP Alumni

Hi There,

If I am not mistaken Fax Duet and Distinctive Ringing will be depreciated sometime in the future, It is a feature set I believe Telstra no longer want to support, I only say this is because they would not renew my Brothers FAX Duet or his distinctive ringing when the contract ran out.

Who knows though Telstra changes its mind more then the common man changes his underwear.



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