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UC500 Voicemail messages do not terminate on hangup

Dustin Petersen
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     I currently have a UC560 running in a small business environment.  My problem is this:

     Incomming phone calls into the company have no issue establishing the call and ending the call once the phone is hung up on either end.  The issue occurs when a person from the outside calls in and leaves a voice message on the CUE.  When the caller hangs up it appears that the FXO port on the UC500 does not release the line for upwards of 30 seconds.  This results in 30 seconds of dead air at the end of each message.  The only workaround the staff has currently is to fast forward each message to get back to the automated voicemail navigation menu.  I've tried several settings on the FXO interface with no success. I have attached a sample of what the voicemail sounds like.

If anyone has any suggestions or fixes it would be a huge help.


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Hello Dustin,

I will try with the supervisory disconnect under the voice port, this signaling is a power denial from the switch that lasts at least 350 ms. When this condition is detected, the system interprets it as a disconnect indication from the switch and clears the call.

If the FXO Supervisory Disconnect Tone feature is configured and a detectable tone from the PSTN or PBX is detected by the digital signal processor (DSP), the analog FXO port goes on-hook. This feature prevents an analog FXO port from remaining in an off-hook state after an incoming call is ended.

You should disable supervisory disconnect on the voice port if there is no supervisory disconnect available from the switch.

Please check this link for more information and troubleshooting.


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.  Those articles were very informative and helpful.  My problem seemed to stem from my disconnect setting on my FXO's.  I also had to call Windstream the TELCO we are using and have them enable a disconnect setting on their end.  Once they did this the system started working correctly. 

Thanks again,