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UC520 Click to Dial from website (Not UC Connector for MS Win)

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Level 4

Hi Gang!  I have been looking for quite a while for an answer for this...I am trying to use my UC520 as a responder PBX for a Click to Dial feature on my website.  The scenario is the user visits the website, reads the article, post or ad-copy and notices a click to dial button on the site.  He or she clicks the button and the script opens a small window for their call back number, and name, a validation graphic, and possibly a future call time preference. 

Click to Dial does not mean from the user's desktop (such as the Unified Call Connector for MS Windows) nor it imply use from a user's interface, outside of their web browser. 

The button design is not the question.  That is in plentiful supply.  What is in short supply is a clear answer if this CAN be done by placing a request to open a SIP (request) call from within the website source to call into my UC520, and from there, open an ephone extension (example, 201) and dial the number indicated on the webform. 

It sounds entirely possible, and I have seen it done on an Asterisk system, however they use a different programming language than the UC's IOS, so that leads me here. 

If there are any people here that know the answer or can recommend a method of performing this, or can even send me a link to a document about this feature set, I would be very grateful to you for your help and or guidance. 



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Tony Huynh
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Level 4


Though this has not been done before, what you mention sounds feasible.  However, it would be up to the web page to form the SIP message correctly to send an SIP invite message to the UC520.  The concern is that with SIP trunks, AFAIK, there isn't 2 stage dialing.  2 stage dialing is when someone calls first to a PBX, and because they get secondary dialtone, they enter digits after they get dialtone.