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UC520 -> UC560 Migration

Marcus Olson
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What in your experience would you say the easiest method of going from a UC520 to a UC560 is?

Backup/Restore via CCA 3.0?  The new UC560 is 8.1 (I believe) and the UC520 I believe is actually 8.0 (may be 7.x).

Can I do a backup/restore from one UC to another?  I realize some interfaces will be difference (controller location/serial0/x/0.. etc..) ..  is the CCA smart enough to change those?

Or is it best to literally just line by line copy/paste and modify as you go?

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Philip Denton
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I'm in the same boat.  So far the backup (from a UC560-FXO-K9) is failing when I try to restore to a UC560-T1E1-K9.


UC520 --> UC560: There is no easy way to do this.  The Hardware in the two units is different, and a backup and restore would fail.  Copying line by line may work, but again, there are hardware differences, like the number and speed of the switch ports on the front.  Gigabit interfaces instead of FastEthernet.  My advice, configure the UC560 from scratch, and just mimic the UC520 settings.

UC560 --> UC560:  Don't see why a backup and restore would not work, but the T1 settings would need to be configured. (Have not tried this though.)

Thank you,


Thanks for the speedy reply, Darren.  I didn't have much time to mess with the 560 -> 560 migration yesterday before I ran out of time on-site but I'll be back there today.  I'll see if I can post a screenshot of my situation but honestly at this point I'm tempted to just build the box new (it's in test/pre-prod for now) just to see how long it takes me to build a 65-user UC560 from scratch

Hi, I recently completed a 540 to 540 migration.

which was relatively pretty easy. yes the backup and restore options dont usually work well, unless both units are running the same software pack version.

anyway, i found the easiest way is this:

1/     copy old startup-config.cfg to flash

2/     remove flash card, insert into new UC.

3/     startup new UC, then copy flash:\startup-config to startup-config

At this point, your 2 UC's have the same config.

Then you just need to copy the CME and CUE config.

prep your workstation for ftp server

4/     return flash card to old UC

5/     go into intergated services mode (ser int 0/0 ses)

6/     copy startup-config to ftp

7/     now connect workstation to new UC

8/     go into integrated services mode

9/     copy ftp:\backupfileyoucreated to startup-config

10/   at this point, both UC's should be the same

now you just need to do tidying up (if any), and make sure you run the cme admin page, to intialize CUE.

this method should work for both the above scenarios.

This worked for you as you were transfering to the same hardware.  The UC520 and the UC560 are way to different for the configs to work with one another.  Please do not try this method when transfering from a 520 to a 560.  Your best bet is to start from scratch.

What about my client's UC560 (FXO) to UC560 (T1E1) migration though?  I was surprised that it didn't just work "out of the box."

Like Darren said, I don't see why it wouldn't work.  It would be just like installing a T1 card into the old one and having to add the T1E1 config.  I would call support.