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UC520 Upgrade Problem


Hello all,

I am currently trying to upgrade my UC520.  The IOS I am attempting to use is 12.4(20)T2.  When I go into CCA I see the UC520 and the phones attached however when I attempt to configure anything throught he "voice" option I receive an embedded tftp server error as well as a java.lang.NullPointerException

Thanks in advance,


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Saurabh Verma

Hi Jay,

Can you send us the CCA logs when you attempt to configure the "voice" option? The log files are located at "C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\CiscoSMB\Cisco Configuration Assistant". It will be great if you could also send us screen capture of the error message. BTW, do you have a tftp-server running? CCA uses its built-in tftp-server which cannot be launched if there is tftp-server already running on your PC/Laptop. You can use the "netstat -a"command from a DOS prompt to see if you have a tftp or an ftp server running.



I've had this same issue in the past.  You may have a seperate tftp running on your machine (perhaps solarwinds).  Stop the tftp and you should resolve the tftp issue.

Hey guys thanks for the reply.  This morning I ended up simply pulling the flash out and using a card reader to add the files.  I'm not sure what the actual problem was but adding the files from the card reader seemed to work as everything is up and running.  For future reference other than a second tftp running what would other possible causes be?

Thanks again for the help and input


That one is indeed one of the most common issue. I just want to caution you about transferring files using CF card reader. There is a defect in Microsoft windows where if the filenames are shorter than 8 char, then Windows cannot maintain the proper upper/lower case. For example, the vlan.dat file will appear as VLAN.DAT. UC 500 IOS does not recognize VLAN.DAT and this will cause some networking issue. Similarly some of the folders are all capitalized, which may conflict with tftp-server command in the configuration. Please check the content of flash and if you notice all CAPS files/folders, then use CCA to upload files to the syste.


Thanks for the heads up.  I did have an issue with the GUI file being renamed, and I corrected this by issueing the ip http path command.  I didn't notice that there were numerous other files that had been renamed all caps.  I'll use CCA to re-upload those files.  Who knows maybe I'll be back here with the original problem.

Thanks again,


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