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UC540 and CCA 3.2


I have just spent the last 2 hours on the phone with Cisco support after upgrading CCA to 3.2. If you perform this upgrade on a UC running 8.2, then CCA will corrupt the SIP configuration, leaving your system offline.

I was able to get outgoing calls re-instated, but recreating the SIP configuration, but you are unable to select SIP trunk in the Dial Plan> Incoming > Direct Dial to Auto Attendant, Groups .... which means the UC is unable to accept incoming calls.

The engineer I spoke to also performed the upgrade on his personal UC before coming to work, and it too had left his system in a unusable state ( and very unhappy wife).

From what I was told CCA 3.2 should only be installed if your UC has been upgraded to IOS 8.3, but the upgrade of CCA does not alert you to this SMALL fact.

As long as you have not saved your configuration, then you are able to reboot your UC540, unistall CCA 3.2, re-install CCA 3.1.1 and continue.

I would like to use some of the new features that are available in CCA 3.2, but would like to know if 8.3 is avaiable ( as I haven't found it ), and if others have also had this issue


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First, i am sorry to hear about your experience with CCA 3.2.   No modificaiton should have been made to existing SIP Trunk configuration unless you made changes using CCA 3.2.   Did you make any such changes?  Was there a problem with CCA reading in your previous SIP Trunk configuration?  If so, can you post it here or send it to me in private email (  If you have case # with the information, that is also appreciated.

And CCA 3.2 should be working fine with 8.2 software pack.  The 8.3 software pack is delayed due to some quality issues with IOS M2.  But once a UC500 is upgraded to 8.3, the CCA must be running 3.2 or later.



I got your case number with all the information attached from the engineer.  We will work to pinpoint what went wrong with your case and update you on the progress.


Any update on this? I had same issue but I had a backup to restore from.



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Hi Mario,

No, unfortunately, there is no update yet. We have not yet reproduced any of the issues from Allan's scenario.  We have some additional configs from him to try out so we are still working on it.

And for clarification, the first issue we understand that he encountered was that after applying some User and Phones configuration with CCA 3.2, the registration of his main number for CLID was lost  (which is configured by CCA using an ephone-dn).  Then to remedy that issue, he recreated the SIP Trunk configuration using CCA 3.2.  After that, most things worked fine except Incoming Dial Plans did not recognize the SIP Trunk (no option in the dropdown).  This later issue may have been a refresh issue, or may have possibly been remedied by a restart of CCA.  But at that point, he was able restore a previous config and went back to CCA 3.1.1.

Did you encounter similiar issues or something different?  CCA 3.2 does not inherently change the SIP Trunk configuration, but there are a lot of overlaps/dependencies with other features.

Aside from any configs, the Troubleshooting Log from CCA is really needed for debug purpose (Help > Support Information > Troubleshooting Log).


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