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UC540 - can't get smtp working to Office365 for voicemail


UC540 - can't get smtp working to Office365 for voicemail

Migrated to Office365 and using for the external smtp server, port 587, correct credentials and getting unknown smtp host.  I can get a telnet client, and powershell to both work from the same server through, port 587, and same credentials.  So it has to be something wrong on the UC540.  Need help in figuring it out!  I have read countless docs, sites, and support areas for past 2 days and still not working.  Let me know what logs you need, I would appreciate any help to solve this one.

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Dan Lukes
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Read UC540 Email Not working

Also, capture all DNS requests and responses on the wire related to UC540 as well as all packets sent from UC540 to port 587.

Log into the CUE module from CLI

service module integrated service engine session

Then login in

at the prompt use paste this in

To check any problems at CUE, run the following traces:

no trace all
clear trace
trace voicemail msgnotif all
trace configapi smtp debug
trace entitymanager NotifDevice all
trace smtp all
sho trace buffer tail

Then test your voicemail by leaving messages you will get everything you need with this trace to find the reason why your email is not working on the command line.

use control c to stop the trace

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