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UC540 - Loud Speaker connected to FXS

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Hello all, my apologies if this has already been answered, I searched and couldnt find the exact scenario.

I have replaced a Nortel traditional PBX with a Cisco UC540 and SPA504G phones. The business is a building supplies company that has a large warehouse in the back and office in the front. Within the warehouse they have a loud speaker that was connected to there Nortel phone system to page staff and signal when people enter and exit the warehouse. I don't ever remember the speaker chiming when a call would come in, but that is now a requirement. People in the warehouse would like to hear when a call comes into the fxo.

Today, I have utilized one of the FXS ports for the speaker. With the port set for ground start, phone users can page to the speaker. However I cannot have the fxs participate in a call blast group. Setting the fxs to loop start wont work either as whenever a user pages the fxs port they just get a busy tone, I suppose because the speaker is always considered active (off hook). I would think that an auto answer configuration would work for paging in loop start mode, but then call blasting to the fxs port wouldnt work because it would always pick up a call that comes in.

So I just want to confirm, is there a way to get the fxs port to ring when calls come into the FXO, but not answer it? Is there a way to allow users to page to this fxs port?

Two requirements are needed, and to the best of my knowledge the paging option appears to be something that can work even with an auto answer, but the incoming call simply ringing I can't figure a way around.

Sorry if this is confusing, I can clarify things further if necessary.


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Hi Mate

Did this work for you ? I would like to implement the same scenario.


Nope, I'm sorry I could not find a way to have it just ring without answering. I just use the fxs port to page to.