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UC540 Multisite transfer to voicemail


Is it possible to transfer someone from one site to another sites voicemail?

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David Trad
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi Mike,

Yes but that is dependant on how the multi-site configuration is setup?

please elaborate further on how things are setup so you are given the right advice.



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The two sites have UC540's and they were programed with CCA 3.2

The multi site was created with CCA 3.2

The address' for the main site are      voice network

The address' for the remote site are       voice network

Is this the information you were looking for?

Mike.. The default extention for a auto transfer to vm is 6. So if you tranferred to ext 190 it would be 6190 for a local transfer to vm . You can try to send a test call using the following 8 (for multisite) 1 (or whatever site code you are using) and the ext 6190 and test it. I am at a site that is using multisite right now or I would test it for you. I have not tried this but all of the other multisite things I have done work as long as you use the 8,x,xxx format.

I think David was looking to see if you are using a  multi-site dialing code or using just the 3 digit entensions to dial s2s.


Sorry yes we are using site codes

Main site:

access code: 0

Site number: 1

Secondary site:

access code: 0

Site number: 2

I tried dialing from the main site to the secondary as 026104 and got fast busy.

You need to correct dial-peer configuration for this kind of things to work.


Would that also effect Multi site pickup of parked calls?

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