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UC540 Shared Lines - Am I doing it wrong?

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I have a UC540 with the PSTN as SIP only; no POTS used.  About 10 DIDs registered with the phone company.

The goal is to have a bunch of individual DIDs but also group numbers like "sales" and "support" that certain phones can be on.

I set it up with the "Shared" button type on the phones, and then set up the inbound call routing to route calls to those shared extensions based on DNID.  Also I set up the outbound CLID on those shared extensions so that people can call from the "sales" number instead of their own DID just by pressing that button before making a call.

Now what's happening is that it's working correctly, but if anybody has already answered a call on the "Sales" line, other calls to that line are going straight to voice mail until the first person has hung up the phone.  So, it seems to have a limit of one simultaneous call even though there are other agents available to take the calls.

I guess that this isn't the "correct" way to implement shared lines like this?  If that isn't, then what is?


- Drew

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Sorry all,

I think I've figured it out.  Basically my method would have only worked with octo-line shared lines, which ther handsets do not suport.

I'll just make a bunch of dummy extensions and do call blast groups.


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Sorry to keep on replying to myself, but I got more information from the customer.

The problem that they are having is not with the shared line, but rather with a Call Blast group.  And, the situation only comes up when two people call at once (ie, if Call A comes in, the blast group is still ringing when Call B calls, Call B will just get voicemail.  If Call A gets answered and *then* Call B calls, it's fine).

From the Cisco documentation about Parallel Hunt Groups, I see that this is an expected situation in the case of SIP phones with call-waiting disabled.  But actually all phones in the hunt group ar SCCP phones (SPA504G).  Is there anything I can do to let more than one incoming call happen simultaneously?

Hi Andrew,

This is how I would do it:

if you have three phones in sales:

phone 1 -> ext 101

phone 2 -> ext 102

phone 3 -> ext 103

add another extensions on each of these phones on another button

phone 1 -> ext 401 label sales

phone 2 -> ext 402 label sales

phone 3 -> ext 403 label sales

Create a blast group with the secondary extensions as memebers: 401, 402, 403

Point the inbound call route to the blast group.

then when an incoming call comes in people can answer this call on the same phone or on any of the different phones, that are part of the blast group. you should not get voicemail.

Cheers, hope it helps


Thanks Naum,

That's what I've done, but I still have a problem where only one incoming call may be ringing at once on the blast groups.

Hi Andrew,

Can you tell me what your Hunt Stop is set to on each DN please?

I suspect that might have been screwed up, from what I am reading into this your issue shouldn't be happening, but I also done fully understand the deployment so I am just making assumptions.

You can post your configuration as a text file with all the sensitive stuff removed and I can at least have a look, but if there are any changes required it would be more appropriate to try and do it through CCA rather then CLI.


David Trad.

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