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UC540, single voicemail and autoattendant configuration

Gianluca Renzi
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Hello everybody,

     this is my first post into the Cisco support forum. I've recently installed a Cisco UC540 with 5 SPA 504G phones to a customer site, but I was unable to configure some (supposed) simple things. The most important is to set up an autoattendant that redirects incoming calls to a global voicemail during closed hours only (I don't need a personal voicemail for each user); to make a try, I configured a single schedule, selecting open and closed hours (9-13; 15-19) and then I configured a standard auto attendant selecting different prompts for open and closed hours, but when calling from the outside I don't hear any prompt, so I think I'm missing something.

This is my current situation:

- UC540 with two PSTN (FXO) lines

- 5 phones (SPA 504G)

- a single Blast Group, cointaining all the 5 phones

- incoming calls go to the blast group

- all users have their own voicemail account

- there is no voicemail for the blast group, and I can't find how to add one

What I was able to do is disabling the auto attendant, enabling night service and direct transfer to voicemail so that incoming calls during night hours go to the voicemail of a selected user, but I think it's only a dirty workaround and the same goal can be achieved in a more clear way.

A second issue is related to setting up different ringtones for internal ad external calls, but from what I read on this forum there is not a simple way to configure it without adding a second extension to each phone.

Any help will be really appreciated.

Thank you,


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