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UC560 Crashed Unexpectedly (have logs attached)


Customer has a UC560 that completely crashed yesterday and didn't come back up for 20 minutes.  Log is attached.  Any analysis would be appreciated.



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Mark Malone
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

You really need to TAC this to be sure but i ran it anyway this is what i got back looks to be a bug

ERROR: This device has recorded 'Spurious Access', which is caused by a Cisco
IOS software bug. A spurious access occurs when a process attempts to read from
the lowest 16 KB region of memory. This portion of memory is reserved, and should
never be accessed. A read operation to this region of memory is usually caused
when a non-existing value is returned to a function in the software, when a null
pointer is passed to a function.
TRY THIS: Upgrade your device to the latest version of Cisco IOS software in your
release train.  Review Bug Search Tool for any potential bugs related to the
loaded image. Paste the "show tech-support" command output into the Output Interpreter
to display the potential issues and fixes. If the issue persists, consider opening
a service request with Cisco using the TAC Service Request Tool. Include the
"show alignment" and "show tech-support" command output for TAC analysis.
REFERENCE: For more information on spurious access, see Troubleshooting Spurious
Accesses, Alignment Errors, and Spurious Interrupts.

Thanks.  The customer does not have an active support contract for TAC to check it out.  They are in talks with our sales to purchase one though.


Customer is concerned it might be hardware failing but it appears to be a software bug, correct?  This is the first crash in 3 years.  Hopefully it was just a fluke.


It does look like from the output it is a software issue and not a hardware parity

i would start with an upgrade of the ios if theres no TAC support move to a safe harbor version, problem is you dont know the exact trigger or what version its fixed in, check the release notes of the new ios make sure theres no similar bugs that might help to avoid it again

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