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UC560 / ESW-540-24P non-managed switch after phone

We have a setup of 56 phones on a UC560 with 3 ESW-540-24P switches.  Most phones have computers attached to them and we are having no issues at all.  But I do have an question.  Before the installation, we had 2 rooms that had 5 port D-Link non-managed switches so they could hook up a machine to transfer images to the server and also have their computer hooked up.  So, my question is:  Is there a way to hook the same 5-port D-Link switch up to the cable coming from the phone so multiple connections can be made?  We tried it once and was unable to get a DHCP to the 2nd machine on the switch.  The smartports are confgiured for IP Phone + Desktop.Untitled.png

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Steven DiStefano
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Switches are not supported connected to the phone PC port, which is what I think you are asking.

It can also cause some pretty bad behavior and could cause the entire ESW switch and its other phones to go out of service.

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Level 1

I have had to set this up, although it is NOT ideal it can be made to work.  Within the switch IE interface, scroll down to Security, Traffic Control, port security.  Max entries for IP Phone + Desktop is 3, 2 mac addresses for the phone and 1 for the computer.  You can edit the port, verify that it is unlocked, and change max entries to something over the number of devices that you have on the other side of that phone.  Again, this is NOT ideal and a different solution should be investigated.

Thanks.    Many things are possible, but not all supported :-)