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UC560 FXS port included or not?



I have been looking info for UC 560 and I have some doubts regarding FXS ans licensing in order to incremente the amount of user.

Regarding to FXS porst, some documents states that 4 FXS porst are included, others just say about FXO ports, I want to be sure so that

I can request a quotation. I show some infor of the documents I read.

Reference guide

UC560-T1E1-K9 16 user licenses for UC and integrated messaging, 4 FXO ports, 4 FXS ports, 3 Layer 2
Gigabit Ethernet expansion ports, 1 T1/E1 Primary Rate Interface (PRI) port, and 1 VIC slot.
Upgradable to 104 max users

Complete Voice and Data Solution for Small Business

UC560-T1E1-K9 Cisco Unified Communications 560 with 16 user licenses for UC and integrated messaging, 4 FXO ports, 3 Layer 2 Gigabit
Ethernet expansion ports,1 T1/E1 PRI port, and 1 VIC slot. Upgradable to 104 users max.

Regarding to licensing is not clear for me what option is the best a or b , taking into account that the system includes 16 user licenses and I need

64 user licenses.

a) L-UC-PRO-8U= (E-delivery license for Cisco UC 540 and UC 560, 8-user increments)

b) UC560 (FXO, BRI, or T1E1 model) and 4 x L-UC-PRO-8U= (48 user licenses, 4 supplemental user licenses)

I hope any of you can clear my doubts


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I have a couple of UC560 in a lab, not on customer prems.

There are 4 fxos that are included, and my understanding is that thye do not require a user license, if they are set up as common area phones, ie lobby, kitchen, which do not require advanced features like voicemail boxes and ability to call forward.  Thye have basic dial tone and can make and receive calls.

If you need the VM or CFD features, you have to make them users, give them names, userids, passwords, etc, and now they take user licences.

Seems to me they may not able to retrieve parked calls, or perhaps join meet me conferences either, if they are not users.  I believe they only use the STCapp features, if they are users, but someone could confirm or correct me!

Correction:  just tested and a non-user / common area set can still join meet-me conferences, but can not dial the call park retrieve #, nor call forward.

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