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UC560 Remote Office 911


Hello Everyone,

     I am looking for a little advice, I have a prospect that has two offices in the same town, most of the time I setup a UC560 at the main branch and connect the remote via WAN link and everything is good.  Obviously 911 will not work at remote if WAN goes down, but the usually sign a disclaimer and we designate a anolog phone that they can use.  This time I have a customer that requires 911 from any phone.  Does anyone have a solution for this issue?  I was thinking of adding a UC540 at the remote branch and doing a multisite deployment, just routing all of the calls from the remote through the main branch as they will only have a PRI with all the DID's at the main branch.  I know I will have to manage 2 UC's but I still have to check if all the features work accross both sites.  Business Edition is not an option.  Any suggestions would be much appreciate.


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paolo bevilacqua
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Since you can route 911 calls anyway you want, if the 'remote site' has at least one analog line, they will place emergency calls using that, and there should be no issue.

Since the two offices are in the same city, I was hoping to avoid buying a UC for that location.  But it seems there is no way around the 911 issue.  Now, will all the features work accross the multiple sites, call park, voicemail forwarding, paging, intercom, etc. The remote office UC will only have one anolog for me to route 911, The main branch will hold the PRI so all incoming and outbound calls will be handled through there.  Also, since the UC has 4 FXS ports, will I be able to route a DID to the remote FXS port for faxing?

Some features, but not all, will work across different UCs. For all purposes, you cannot consider and cannot sell it as single system split over two places, because it's just not that.

On the other hand, If you use a single UC, the PSAP can maintain the physical location for each DID in their database, so they can respond depending on the calling phone number.

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