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UC560 & SPA504G phone: mic input gain adjustment

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Hello all,

I have several heavy call takers that are getting complains that the caller is unable to hear our employee using the SPA phone, this seems to be an issue with some mobile, land line and legacy PBX customers.

Additionally I have 2 users that share a small office who have to "speak softly" in order not to over power the others conversation, again the same problem with our customers not able to hear our call takers.

The SPA phones have the ability to increase their mic input gain via their web page if configured to a sip provider, but not linked with a UC560 (Which is really lame!).

I have browsed around and the work around to drop the phone off the UC560 with a factory reset, switch to sip, adjust the volume and then reregister the phone does not work. Once the config is pushed from the UC560 the volume drops back down to 0 gain.

An hour on the phone with SBSC was a waste of time until the SME gets back from a meeting.


Does anyone have a work around using CLI or CCA that can unlock this feature of the phone?

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I have a customer experiencing this same issue.  Have any of the Cisco Engineers looked into this?

Please let us know as soon as possible.

Thank you, Paul

Hi, I have the same problem with some (ONLY SOME) phones on a 28 phones installation. A SPA508G and a SPA504G have SOME (most part of them) conversations with volume problems for the listener (the other side).

It's a 8 months issue that we are still wondering why. And it's NOT an "wire" problem, we have changed network points and also they are certified CAT6.

Thanks for your time.