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UC560 T1 connection to PBX

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


I have searched high and low for information on how to connect a uc560 with a t1 card in it to an avaya PBX.

Here is the scenario.

Customer has a Merlin Magix switch with 220 DID pots phones and 34 digital sets hanging off of it. Customer wants to move to the UC560 for the 34 administrators but wants to leave the POTS phones in the patients rooms alone. I thought the best way to go about this was to set up a T-1 between the Avaya and the UC560. Is there ANY documentation to help with this? has anyone had success doing this?

Another thought was to hang a few VG Gateways off the UC560 but wouldn't each of the pots phones count as a license to the UC560? In that case I couldn't use the UC box at all..

Thanks All


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I have seen a few cases where a customer wanted to integrate a PBX into the UC via the T1 card.  Just want to say that this is totally not supported via CCA or CLI.  However if you’re up for a thought exercises this is how I have accomplished this in the lab.  I had to create custom dial peers on the UC to forward the calls out the T1 to the PBX via the ext’s configured on the PBX side.  Then on the PBX side the customer needed to configure that device to accept the DID’s coming inbound via the T1.  It is a lot of configuration on both sides but I was able to get the calls flowing.  It’s not so difficult once you plan it out.  Just take your time and it will work fine.

Thank you,

Jason Nickle

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Remember that you will probably have to use a modified cable from the T1 on the Cisco to the T1 on the Avaya.  I had a Cisco linked to a Mitel via the E1 before and I had to crossover certain pins to make it work. See below.