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UC560 Vlans change

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Hi all,

Im a newcomer for Cisco VOIP products even though I got some  non-Cisco VOIP products  experience from my previous job.  We would like to integrate our UC560  to customer network which already has dedicated VLANs for data and voice.  In order to integrate our UC560 to their existing network , we are required to modify the default VLANS  ( 90 , 100) on UC560 .  Is there a legal way that we can make it happen ? Are we going to break UC560 if we made this change ?

Looking forward to your reply....

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Also , is there a way that we can change the Cisco Unity Express default IP address to something else ?

Hi Billy,

This is totally doable

Please use CCA (Latest revision if possible) to make these changes as it will propagate all the information to their appropriate places.

If my memory services me right, this will be located in the routing draw in the left hand side navigation, you will most likely have to delete the existing entries and recreate a the new one with the settings you wish, and CCA will ensure that the changes are made in all the right locations, it is in this section you also get the ability to change the CUE subnet under that CUE VLAN entry.

Hope this helps...



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Hi David,

I am using CCA version 3.2 ( that is the latest right? )  and in this version you cannot modify VLAN 90 for the CUE Vlan.

Can you please confirm ?


Mario Garcia
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Using CCA to change VLAN 90 has never worked for me. I have always had to use CLI. I would recommend you call SBSC and they can help you with this to ensure you remaining within their CCA management rules.

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