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Unable to Access SIP Service Provider Abbreviated Dialing

Dean Rose

Since the Upgrade to 2.2 I am unable to access any of my SIP providers abbreviated dialing functions.  Example.

  • I previously would access SIP providers by entering a 7, 8, or 9.
  • Because I had setup with SIP provider an abbreviated dialing scheme (similar to speed dialing) I could enter "4" and the SIP provider would automatically dial 214.844.XXXX
  • Prior to 2.2 Upgrade to dial this number I would select 9 and then 4 and call would be completed to 214.844.XXXX
  • Now when I enter 9, 4 I get a "Service Unavailable" fast busy from the 320.
  • This Abbreviated Dialing from the service provider has worked so well since there is not (without the use of the 525G2's Clumsy Menus') a direct way on the 320 to fast dial a number.
  • I'm assuming that the new 2.2 is checking to see if the number entered is "Valid" before passing the entered digits thru to the SIP provider?

What can be done to remediate?

Dean T Rose

Dallas, TX

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Dean Rose

Any update to this and will this be included in the 2.2 dot release fix?

Hi Dean,

The abrieviated SIP provider dialing was never a supported feature of the UC320W.  Yes, we have tightened up the dial plans for the new Class of Service features in 2.2.

That said, there are several ways of programming speed dials on the UC320W.

1) program speed dial (line) buttons via the UC320W Configuration Utility on the Phone Buttons pages

2) Press the Settings button on the phone, select Speed Dials, select a digit then add your speed dial with the trunk steering digit 9214844xxxx  in your example.  To use this speed dial, simply go off hook and dial the single digit.

3) User defined speed dial (line) -- Press and hold an unused line button for several seconds and then the system will prompt you for name and number.  Again use the streering digit.

4) Use the Configuration Utility to provision the External Phone directory.

Hope this helps.


Chris -

Maybe I'm missing something here.  But in following your instructions for #2 below, when I go off hook and press either a "9" or "4" for which I have setup Speed Dial numbers the system is using the "4" and "9" entry as SIP trunk access.  So the Speed Dial is never entered.  What am I doing wrong?

As an enhancement request, can CISCO consider an option to dedicate a single Dial Plan digit, lets say "5" for system Speed Dial access.  Speed Dials would then be programmed at a system level assigned a number (say 2 digit) like 45.  Then when someone (system wide) wanted to dial a speed dial number all they would need to do is "5" then "45" and the number is dialed over whatever is programmed via the Sys Admin Utility.


To dial a speed dial digit you must press and hold the key for a few seconds.

Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPhone App

Nope holding down the key for several seconds only duplicates that value in the display.  Ex:  Using 4 as Speed Dial.  Holding down "4" results in "44444444444" then attempts to dial "4444444444" and then ends in a "Service Not Available" message.

Hi Dean,

Sorry about item #2.  I just tested on 2.2.0 and here is what you need to do.  Configure the target phone number without the steering digit as the speed dial entry.

Go off hook

Dial the steering digit (9)

Dial the speed dial number

Dial #

I like your enhancement idea.  I'll open a formal enhancement request for it.




Thanks for your input on adding the system level speed dial list.  I have added an enhancement request with id CSCty33878.



Chris -

Your suggestion for Speed Dial is still not working.  As this is a deal killer, I've downgraded the unit to 2.1.6 until this feature enhancement can be implemented or the "abrieviated SIP provider dialing " or overall dial plans can be loosened.


Hi Dean,

If the speed dial method I've described above is not working, it is a bug, and I need to find out what is different about the way you have it configured on your system from what we have configured & working in the lab so we can get it fixed.


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