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Unable to NOT route inbound fxo


Is it correct that I cannot get the UC320W to ignore an inbound fxo? In other words I want to use an fxo for outbound calls only but do not want the UC320W to react to any inbound calls on that specific line. It seems that if I create an outbound route I HAVE to route it inbound.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


The UC320W configuration utility requires you to select a rule to handle inbound and outbound calls on a provisioned FXO port(s).

Outbound calls do select port 1 first as highest priority or you can select a specific shared FXO per line button selection if configured in that manner.



Thanks for the reply but I am not sure how it answers my point. Perhaps my original query wasn't clear.

I want to be able to say in the inbound call routing that I don't want the line on (say) fxo port 1 to be routed anywhere. I want to use it for outbound calls only.

In the inbound call routing page I am forced to put the fxo line in one of the inbound routes.

Hi Nick,

One option would be to create an Additional Extension on a phone.  Route the inbound to that additional extension with no call forward no answer/busy target.  On the phone provisioned with the additional extension, configure that line button with 'no ring' ringtone.  No phone will ring in the office and only one lamp for the additional extension would blink if there ever was an inbound call on that FXO.  Since there is no CFNA/Busy target, the line would ring until the calling party hangs up.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Chris.

I have used a similar technique to overcome the problem - creating a dummy user called "no-one" and giving them an extension which is the unused fxs port and routing it to that. Same idea, different approach. I just would like to see a proper routing option.


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