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Unified Personal Communictor


Quick question, where do you set the criteria for the above in the UC500 (username / password)?

When you login (eventually) does it use a license?



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The Cisco IP Communicator modifications and configurations are done in CCA Configure: Telephony: Voice : User Extensions.

It does use a license when discovered normally as a ral user phone.

Is this what your asking?



When the PC is connected then the UC should see it as an Extension (RAL) and settings can be applied to enable the Communicator is that correct?

PC doesn't show up in User Extensions, what could be the cause?



Hi Phil,

Sorry for the delay today.

You know what?   CIPC is supported on UC500 not CUPC.   Sorry about that if I missed that.

If you mean CIPC we can continue....

So when any IP phone registers (a real phone) or a CIPC soft phone on a PC, it will either assume its identity from when it was configured, or if new, be automatically discovered and assigned an extension on the system, and then the next time you go into CCA, Telephony Voice window, it will appear with red boxes around it asking you to provision a user name password, buttons, etc.  Once saved, that sticks and is reused until you delete it or modify it.

If you are not seeing it then its not registering (not connecting).   Did you set CIPC preferences for TFTP server to be or the data LAN

Is your PC connected to the Data VLAN of the UC500 or VPNed into the system using its VPN server?  What IP address does you PC have?  Does it make sense (i.e. its in the data vlan)?

Does CIPC get a number and can you call from/to it?

If you do a 'debug tftp events' and then 'terminal monitor' on a telnet window, do you see the phone register and download its data?

I would check those things first.


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