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Using SPA112 with Router Connected to a VPN

I always have my ASUS AC87U Router connected to a VPN to avoid having to connect all of my devices individually to a VPN. However, whenever my router is connected to a VPN my Cisco SPA112 doesn't work in that there is no dialling tone on my phone that's connected to the SPA112. As soon as I disconnect my router from the VPN then the dialling tone on my phone returns. This is particularly frustrating because as I want to keep my router connected to a VPN it means that to make or receive calls, I always have to disconnect the router from the VPN first, which of course is not practical for incoming calls and is a nuisance for outgoing calls. Is there something that I can do with my router so that the SPA112 works when my router is connected to a VPN?

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Hi, what type of VPN is used?

Split tunnel or full tunnel?

If you using full tunnel VPN, can you try to change the modality to split tunnel?

In this way the traffic originating to your SPA will not encapsulated into VPN.



Hi. Thank you for your response. I am using an Asus ac87u router. How do I
configure split tunneling for the VPN client on this device. What you say
makes sense as I simply want to not route my SPA112 through the VPN.

Hi, how VPN is realized? Do you use a VPN provider?

Or you have configured another router as VPN concentrator?


Unfortunately I don't have specific knowledge of your Asus.

I've checked on google and I find VPN providers that support only full tunnel.