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Voice Delay after Call and reboot after recording prompt

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Level 1

Hello Folks,

I upgraded to latest 2.0.13 which fixed many bugs. Now I am facing these two problems

1. When a call is placed, the other party hears the voice after about 1 second of delay.

2. When a prompt is recorded then UC reboots itself, why ??

Can't we have an option to upload the file from the GUI to avoid any button clicks and have a neat sound quality ?



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Hi Azher,

Can you please provide details on the call delay problem?

  • What kind of phone calls what kind of phone?
  • Does this happen only on internal or external calls?
  • If this happens on inbound calls, how is the call routed (shared FXO, shared ext, hunt group, etc.)?

When an AA prompt is recorded the voice system reinitializes.  This is a known behavior.  Over time we are reducing the number of actions that will cause the system to reinitialize.

The ability to upload custom AA audio files is on our feature request list and under consideration for a future feature release.

Thanks for your feedback,


Hi Chris,

Phones are 508G. I only checked within the LAN environment and there is delay among any to any phone. Sometime call also fade and then come back. This problem is even when LAN is totally free.

Incoming calls are routed via hunt group during day.