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Watch line multiple extentions

Thomas Gruendler

We have a client that has 3 different physical phones with 3 different extensions that he uses throughout the day.  His secretary was wondering if there was a way to setup a watch line on her expansion module that could tell her if any of those phones were being used without having to have 3 seperate buttons being taken up, just one.  And also, if that button could be programmed to ring all three of those extensions at the same time.  We are using out of band configuration so CCA is not required.

Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated.


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Nathan Compton

Not possible.  The user could have a line that was shared among all three phones, but you could not monitor the status of 3 different phones on 3 different extensions on one button.

Adam Compton


I don't think monitoring all the lines is possible but calling all of them is.  The monitor button can only watch one extension.  The watch button can monitor every extension that is tied to single ephone via its primary extension. 

You could easily call all the numbers from a variety of different ways.  I think the easiest way to do it would be to setup a speed dial button, that dials a hunt group pilot number that all three ephone-dn's are apart of.

Router(config)# voice hunt-group 5 parallel  (parallel rings all phones at once)

Router(config-voice-hunt-group)# pilot 100

Router(config-voice-hunt-group)# list 101, 102, 103 (ephone-dn's that belong to your users)

Router(config-voice-hunt-group)# final 200 (after 60 seconds the call is routed to ephone-dn 200)

Router(config-voice-hunt-group)# timeout 60 (in seconds)

Router(config-voice-hunt-group)# exit

Let me know if you need more help.  I know you steered away from CCA but doing this in CCA takes two seconds

We are looking to program a series of Emergency Auto Dial Groups - Dont' have a better term for this.

What we want to do via a CISCO Call Manager system (cisco Voip switch CISO VOIP PBX - Call Manager Version 7.1(5)) is to:

using a single button (pre-programmed) or a pre-progammed number, auto dial "X" people and bring them onto a conference bridge.  If anyone of them is on an existing call, it would overide the call and bring them on the bridge.  We would not want to here the phone "ring" after the first person picks up.  some type of audio tone after each person picks up would be o.k.

Is this possible?  Is there a "programing" book out there?



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