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WBPN and SPA Phones

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Hi Guys,

wondering if I can get some help or someone knows a solution to my problem.

Have recently purchased 2 x WBPN adapters for SPA phones, upgraded the firmware on both of them and since the firmware upgrade from the Cisco website V1.0.1, they are both now flashing the red System LED, no network connectivity but the ethernet port is active.

Any suggestions?

Any help is appreciated!!!!

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Tom Watts
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hi Adam, Are you able to access the unit at all? Was there any kind of network or power disruption during the firmware load?

It sounds like the software somehow corrupted and manage to break the device.


-Tom Please mark answered for helpful posts

Hi Tom,

thanks for the quick reply.

I cant seem to access the device, it has ethernet functionality as the PC is picking it up, not pingable, no web access, no telnet...

There was no network or power disruption at all, the web configuration tool advised that the firmware upgrade was complete, the unit was rebooting... Never to exist again.



Can you email me at I have a factory new WBPN unit and I'd like to follow your steps and determine the issue.

The User Guide can be located here:

The WBPN has a default IP address of 

Per the user guide if you set a static IP address on your PC (i.e and directly connect the WBPN into the PC network port you should be able to ping the WBPN ( 

Please double check if you set a static IP address on you PC and directly connected the WBPN into your PC network port.

Also please comment what browser you are using. I did have an issue with Firefox ver 14 and I switched to IE8 and was able to upgrade the unit to version 1.0.1



Hy Randy,

I have finally recieved my replacement WPBN adaptors. It's taken a while...

I am finding that after going through the setup, connecting to my network (VoiceLAN) that it all connects fine.

However the SPA phones are not registering as they would on the wired LAN.

I can see them on the UC320 but they are showing as unregistered. Even if i setup the phones manually, they are still showing as unregistered and will not recieve the configuration.

Any Suggestions?

Kind Regards,