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13 Problems with the SPA525G


Firmware: 7.4.4

1. The soft-keys at the bottom of the screen aren't drawn over the background, instead the background is cut-off and they are drawn over a black line.

2. If <Cfwd_All_Act_Code> is empty the 'Forward' soft-key no longer works.

3. The window that pops up when call forwarding is enabled doesn't contain the number being forwarded to.

4. Pressing the 'Forward' soft-key takes the phone off-hook for no good reason.

5. Setting 'Forward All Number' enables forwarding (it shouldn't) and the phone doesn't remember the number that was set (it should).

6. The phone should have the 'Forward All Number' automatically entered when the 'Forward' soft-key is pressed, the user should then have the option to accept it or clear it and enter another number.

7. Icons for the line/feature keys are ugly.

8. When the black light is disabled, and the line keys are set to have no color (c=o) it is impossible to tell if the phone is on or not. There needs to be the ability to change the color of the idle line keys from off to green so the user knows the phone is still on.

9. Large timeout values entered into the back light timer field are silently ignored.

10. $MPWD macro doesn't expand in the General Provisioning Parameters (GPP_<X>) so I can't send it using [--post] instead of Digest-Auth for extension mobility authentication.

Switching to using Digest-Auth doesn't help either. The phone fails to re-request the new profile with Authorization when it receives the 401 response, it then informs the user that it has successfully loaded the profile and then crashes and has to be power-cycled.

11. Phone fails to indicate that the password was incorrect when receiving a 401 response during an attempt to login via extension mobility.

Firmware: 7.4.6

12. The 7.4.6 firmware keeps requesting the background image over and over again ignoring the Refresh header, makes the phone unusable. The 7.4.4 firmware behaves correctly.

13. 'Forward' soft-key fails instantly with 'Invalid number' when pressed with the 7.4.6 firmware.

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tested using firmware 7.4.6 on SPA525

1. The placement of the soft keys are by design.
We have never gotten a comment on how they are over a black area.
By us doing it this way, the soft keys are cleaner and placed in a non
"possibly distracting" background.

2. by default, "Cfwd All Act Code" is *72
and emptying out that field, phone will not do anything when you press *72xx#
However, the "forward" softkey still works,
where it prompts you an empty box for you to put in phone#, where calls are to be forwarded to.
on the screen, it shows "Calls Forwarded" after you fill that in.
NOTE: if you configure "Cfwd All Serv" to no, then forward button is not shown.

3. That is correct.
and that is by design, where phone will not show where calls are forwarded to, for privacy.
Note that the SPA525G can be deployed to "Small Bussiness", where privacy
sometime becomes a necessity.

4. Again, by design

5. That is what "Forward All Number" means.
Which is enabling forwarding to the defined number.

6. when you define a number in "Forward All Number", there is no longer
forward softkey, but "Clr Fwd"

7. Icons are carefully selected to match the size/area available for them.

8. c=o, means that the led is "off".
What you are seeing is indeed the behaviour of no color because of setting.

9. What is your setting of "large" ?

10. The $MPWD macro is restricted for the purpose of Extension Mobility only, and as described in administration documentation.
It is not expandable in GPP parameters.  The only other places they can be used are User Id and Password under Ext n tabs.  

11. By design.
Led will be orange (default color setting) if line is not able to register

12. We don't see the request for background picture http request again
and again. How often is this request you are seeing ?

13. Doesn't happen here.

1. I've provided an example image of what that would look like, it doesn't seem distracting to me and if it were wouldn't the line keys suffer from that problem?

2. Unless this was caused by the Enable_IP_Dialing bug below it must have been fixed. Prior to that clearing out the *code would cause the soft-key to do nothing.

3. Why does the video tutorial* show the number being forwarded to? Can this be logged as a feature request?


5 & 6. I am not sure you understood the problem, it was about problem regarding setting a default forwarding number. The answer appears to be 'No, by Design' anyway.

7. The lack of colour and design is what makes them ugly.

8. I am not sure you understood the problem; when the backlight goes off and idle line keys have c=o, how does one determine if the phone is on?

Is leaving the backlight always on is the only solution? Won't that cause the backlight to grow dim after a while?

9. 3600 seconds.

12. Once a second. It appears that Logo_Type must be set to Download BMP Picture as well to exhibit this behaviour.

13. It appears that Enable_IP_Dialing be set to No for the phone to exhibit this behaviour.

Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

1. It is correct that your sample picture does not show the softkey
blocking some pixels to be distracting. However, if the background
picture somehow has wording on the bottom (for example), and
the softkeys happen to block parts of the word(s), then it can
be distracting.

2. I have tried this on 7.4.6 firmware.

The video tutorial is showing phone behaviour in SCCP mode.
What I explained to you about the "Forward" behaviour is in SIP mode.
It is true that in SCCP mode, phone will show where calls are
forwarded to. Simply because behaviour of phone is "instructed"
by Call Manager

I can file this in our system as feature request.

8. Leaving the backlight on is the solution, you can also enable
the screen saver function.
No need to worry about screen becoming "dim". This is LED backlight
and it will have long lasting life.

12. I realize that after I set the "Logo Type" to "Download BMP...",
it will keep on downloading it.
I will file this to be a bug.
In the meantime, you can just set Logo Type to be Default.

13. I have tried setting "Enable IP Dialing" to no (on all EXT), and
still can enable "Forward".
The "Forward" softkey still functions correctly.

Can you pls send your webpage, so I can see your configuration ?
go to the webpage of it, admin, advanced.
Then from your browser, File -> save as -> .mht

1. In the pathological example of missing soft keys, the same font, size and colour as the soft keys it still doesn't seem that distracting (example2.png) and no attempt to make the area near the line keys less distracting is made, why not?

Why isn't the same 'fix' applied to the soft-key area for the colour 79xx phones?

I find the black line distracting.

There are many ways to make a distracting background image. Users who find their background distracting should either choose another image or edit it to be less so.

13. Attached. Press Forward, phone will play Reorder Tone instead of Call Forward Tone, enter number and press dial, line dialog will display 'Invalid number'.


I've found another problem. The phone locks-up when it tries to expand the macro $UID1 in the url for a soft-key (ie: fnc=xml;url=http://x.x.x.x/$UID1.xml;nme=xxx)

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