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141 number on SPA504G to hide caller ID


Hi everyone,

I am faced with a problem when trying to dial an external number with 141 in front of it to hide the caller ID ( in the UK ).

I am always getting the error ( invalid number ) and showing me the number with the two last digits missing. But, if I do this without typing the regional code ( giving me a shorter number ), it is working fine and hiding the caller ID.

I have tried to modify the handset dial plan without much succed. I first thought that maybe the handset would have some type of restriction on the length of digits to dial, but it works fine dialing an International number that is longer than a number with 141 in front.

Any sugestions would be much appreciated.

Current phone dial plan:


Many thanks,


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paolo bevilacqua
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Wrong forum, post in "small business - SPA phones". You can move your post using the actions panel on the right.

Dan Miley

have you tried using the star 67  ( *67 ) in front of your call, this should cause the phone to not send CID info to your provider.

the codes are on the regional -- Vertical Service              Activation Codes

on the phone tab - supplemental services ,Block CID  Serv needs to be on.

This isn't your original question, but it may do what you want.


Hi Jose,

Did you ever get to the bottom of this? I am having the exact some problem. This seems to be an issue with the phone itself, as when dialing from a non-Cisco softphone (Bria) all works as expect. Seeing the same behaviour on SPA504 and SPA525G2.



Unfortunately, no question contain full description of problem. For example, if Jose's number fit the "1xxx[2-9]xxxxxx" pattern, but it's longer than 11 digits, then first 11 digits will be dialed only. As we know nothing about the number Jose dialed, we don't know we catch the cause or not.

And Clive's question reveal even less information. Not only we know nothing about the number dialed, even dial plan is not disclosed here.

Well, so very generic advice.

The default dial plan is designed with NANPA in the mind. It may not fit numbering plan of your country nor private numbering plan of a service provider. You should customize the dial plan to fulfill formats of numbers you are going to dial.

Read the Administrator Guide, start with dialplan that's simple as much as possible. Then develop it slowly to catch all numbers formats required.



You are quite correct, it was the dialplan at fault. Having modified this to (*xx|.) everything now works as expected, so I can now concentrate on trying to formulate a more suitable dialplan for UK usage. Many thanks!


more suitable dialplan for UK usage

Following may help you:


Rate usefull advices. It will help others to found answers.


First one in particular is a very useful resource I wasn't aware of. Many thanks!

You may be interested to know about this resource as well:

Dial Plan debugging tool


But after observing this nice summary table:

United Kingdom Numbering Plan for CallManager

I considered it's not possible to implement UK numbering plan in full - as size of Dial_Plan value is limited ...

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