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Cisco Employee

8961 with KEM for Attendant not taking changes and performance is buggy.

8961 w KEM for office attendant was acting flakey. Changes made to shared lines and other line appearances would take on the BE3K admin page, phone would reset but changes were not seen. Now it won’t register at all to BE3K.  I’ve swapped, users, switch ports, configs and suspect this phone is bad.

*Partner Question using 8.6.3*

Cisco Employee

8961 with KEM for Attendant not taking changes and performance i

Try doing this as my 8961 with KEM had issues recently as well:

What I did on the actual phone was hit the settings button>administrator settings>reset settings>all settings and the phone will reboot and come back in a non registered state. You must then go to administrator settings again>network setup>ethernet setup>IPv4 setup. DHCP is enabled and then below alternate TFTP is set to yes with the IP of your BE3K in TFTP server 1. The phone should then point back to the BE3K and register with normal performance.

Also, a DHCP server in the network should be able to set TFTP server on IP Phones. Check the implementation guide for BE3000 at