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AA w/ Blast Group "flow"

The location I've installed the UC540 has a pretty typical request for AA/vmail, but I'm not sure how to make it work.

Incoming calls all go to Blast Group 511 (pretty much rings all phones).  If there is no answer after 16 seconds, the call it sent to the AA (extension 100).  The AA answers and plays a prompt for either OPEN or CLOSED (depending on time of day).  During the message, the caller is informed they can dial their extension at any time.  They are then told the three extension #'s of the people in the office (for Howard, please press 2-2-3, and so on, there are only three users so this is fine).

But I'd like to give a caller a way to leave a message in a GDM that all phones can access.  And I'm not sure how to do this.  Under the AA setup, there is a "NO OPTION TRANSFER TO" field, but is it possible to transfer someone to the 511 (blast group) GDM by entering something here?  That way I could have the prompt say "or just stay on the line to leave a message in the GDM."

Also, is it possible to use notifications for a GDM?  I know a GDM is supposed to be created for each blast group, but I don't see it under voicemail.  Not sure how that works.                  


Hi. I am working on the same scenario for a deployment now. I will let you know if I figure out the best way.

The way I was thinking to do it was have the blast group separate from the main reception voicemail box and then just "no option transfer to" that reception voicemail which will go to the main voicemail box. Also I will try transfer to number with the "direct to voicemail" digit after to send straight to box without ringing.

If anyone else has a better solution, please let me know. Cheers.