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Access voicemial for Blast Groups

I setup the voicemail boxes and I ended up getting voicemails in there before I remembered to also setup notification by email including attachment.  How do I get into them.  Also is there a way to set an MWI on the buttons of the phones?

UC520 running the latest build 8.0.5 and CCA 2.2.6.


To access, press 9 in the CUE voice mail menu on any member of the Blast Group to check messages for Shared Lines and Hunt Groups.

There is no VMWI for hunt groups GDMs.  There are for Shared Lines since they have a buton on the phone (flashing envelope icon)

Yeah, I tried that.  I get an "Invalid Entry" when I am logged into my voice mail.

Have you checked to make sure the voicemail box shows as GDM in CCA under telephony/voicemail/mailboxes?  Assuming it does and voicemail is operational, have you confirmed that the account you are using to try and access the GDM is a member of the blast group?  I know these seem like obvious things to check but I thought I would at least chime in just in case.

I checked and it is listed as GDM for all of them.  I still get 9 is not a valid option.  Do I need to go and check the navigation for the vm menu?  I'm not sure where it would be located.  Is it accessible in CCA?

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