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analogue to SIP adapter for UC320

Simon O'Sullivan

Hi all,

I have a client with a UC320 who wants to connect 2 polycom devices. Is there a (low cost) analogue to sip adapter for the UC320?

I recall going to a cisco presentation saying they were bringing out a new analogue to sip adapter for the UC320 (or did i imagine this). Is the SPA112 compatable?

The SPA8000 is overkill.

Cheers, Simon.


Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


The SPA8800 is the only supported analog gateway on the UC320W.    The SPA112 is a new analog adapter but is currently not supported on UC320W.

If you client wants to use 2 fxs connected devices then the SPA8800 is the answer.


Hello Randy,

I have purchased three SPA112 for connect with UC320W, and only now I see that doesn't work.

does Cisco are planning to release soon an update (or a fix) for UC320W to support SPA112 (or a standard SIP phone)? Or this developement has been abandoned?

please let me know, because I have to decide if keep this devices, or let me replace with a SPA8800 unit.

best regards,


Hi Luca,

UC320W doesn't support SPA112 and we don't have plan to implement it. Please use the embedded FXS port or the FXS ports at SPA8800 for your analog devices.

Best regards,


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